2022 CCEF
Transitioning to a New Normal:
Educational Reforms in the Post-pandemic Era

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2022 CCEF Call for Abstract


The Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF) is an organisation initiated by students from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. Under the guidance of the Faculty, we are committed to bridging education in China and in the world. It will take the form of keynote speeches, breakout sessions and workshops. The aim of this forum is to facilitate discussion and support for educational practice in China among researchers, practitioners and the wider communities.

剑桥中国教育论坛 (CCEF) 是由剑桥大学教育系学生发起的学生组织。在剑桥大学教育系的指导下,我们致力于建立起中国教育与世界沟通的桥梁。我们每年在剑桥大学举办年度论坛和系列线下线上活动。年度论坛以主旨演讲、分论坛、研习会的形式展开,旨在促进学者、行业从业者、以及社会各界人士对中国教育的讨论和对教育实践的支持。

2022 CCEF will be held online on the 23th (Saturday) and the 24th (Sunday) of July 2022 (UTC).


Platform: Tencent Meeting, Voov Meeting (English Version)

线上举办平台:腾讯会议,VooV Meeting(英文版)

THEME: Transitioning to the New Normal: Educational Reforms in the Post-pandemic Era.


This year’s forum theme is Transitioning to the New Normal: Educational Reforms in the Post-pandemic Era. This forum will invite scholars and practitioners from China and other countries to discuss the following four aspects of educational reforms in the post-pandemic era:


• 教育公平(Education and Equality)

• 教学、学习与课程(Teaching, Learning and Curriculum)

• 生命、权利与教育(Life, Power and Education)

• 教育与福祉(Education and Wellbeing)

In order to diversify the content of the forum, this year’s CCEF also features a Young Researchers Panel. The aim of this panel is to provide opportunities for early-career researchers and practitioners to present their work and to facilitate exchanges of knowledge and experience.


Call for Abstract for Early-Career Researchers Panel

The Early-Career Researchers panel at CCEF is now open for abstract submissions. This call for abstract is open to undergraduate and postgraduate students, early-career researchers, and educators, regardless of their affiliation, occupation or educational level. There is no registration fee for submissions.

At this year’s forum, we hope to address three key issues:

1. What are the implications of the pandemic for equity, inclusion and innovation in education?

2. How can we embrace opportunities and challenges in the post-pandemic era?

3. What new social actors have emerged in the world of education as a consequence of the pandemic?

We hope that your abstract submission will echo the above issues and the theme of the forum.




1. 疫情对教育公平、包容、创新有什么影响?

2. 我们如何面对后疫情时代的机遇和挑战?

3. 疫情促使了教育领域中哪些社会行动者的涌现?


Guidelines for Submission

Please submit your abstract by 23:59 UK Time, 24 April 2022, using this form:

The requirements for submissions are:

1. The abstract should be written in English with no more than 250 words.

2. Please list 3 to 5 keywords to summarise your abstract.

3. Please also include a bio of 100 words maximum to introduce yourself.

If you are unsure about writing an abstract for conferences, below is a brief guide on how to structure an abstract.   (Image from:


The submitted abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by our academic team under the criteria based on academic standards, originality and relevance to the forum’s theme. If your abstract is admitted by the committee, your contribution to the forum will be a 15-minute presentation. The presentation should be delivered in English.




1. 点击链接进入报名表

2. 在报名表中填写个人信息(姓名、邮箱、所属单位;如有多名作者,请全部填写)

3. 在相应区域附上标题和摘要。摘要需以英文书写,字数上限为250个英文单词

4. 请列出3-5个关键词总结摘要内容

5. 请用第三人称填写一段不超过100字的个人简介(如果您的摘要入选,该简介将用于论坛材料中)




Key Dates

Submission deadline: 23:59 UK Time, 24 April 2022

Notification of acceptance: Around 15 May 2022

If you have any enquiries regarding the forum or abstract submissions, please feel free to email us at


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