2021 CCEF
Change Education for the Better

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2021 CCEF Call for Abstract


Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF) will be held online in July. The forum welcomes university students, scholars and educators to contribute their papers. Meanwhile, frontline teachers and academic researchers are encouraged to share abundant and diversified content of practice and theory with the audience as well.

Theme: Post-pandemic: Change Education for the Better

The forum will bring together university scholars, young scholars, frontline education practitioners and policymakers to have a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities facing education in the post- epidemic era.



The forum will focus on fourpanel topics:


• Education and Equality                            教育公平

• Technology and Education                       教育科技

• Education and Wellbeing                         教育与福祉

• Teaching, Learning and Curriculum        教学与课程

At this year's forum, we hope to address two key issues from an interdisciplinary perspective:

• What is the impact of pandemic on education at the theoretical, policy and practical level?

• Facing the problems before and after the pandemic, how can we move education forward for the better?


• 疫情在理论、政策及实践层面对教育有什么影响?

• 面临疫情危机之前及过后所存在的问题,我们该如何推动教育向前更好发展?

sub-topics 摘要涉及话题

Sub-topics 摘要涉及话题

To guide our conversations, we welcome discussions on the following sub-topics: 摘要涉及话题:

Education Equity                                        教育公平

Distance Learning, Online Education        远程教育

Education and Social Mobility                   教育与社会流动

Rural Education and Development            农村教育与发展

Sex Education for Children                        儿童性教育

Digital Education                                        数字化教育

Mental Wellbeing and Education               心理健康教育

Peer Learning and Support                         教育与同辈互助

(The submitted abstracts should be relevant to the forum’s panel topics, which include but are not limited to the aforementioned sub-topics)


Submission Instructions 提交指南

Submission Instructions 提交指南

Please submit your abstract by the 10th April 2021 (BST). The requirements are:


1. The abstract should be written in English with no more than 500 words.


2. Please list 4 to 5 keywords to summarise your abstract under the title.


3. Please also include a paragraph at the end of your abstract to introduce yourself, which should include at least your name, institution,   and email address.


Please submit the abstract together with your personal information to by the 10th April 2021. The subject of the email should be “2021 CCEF Abstract + Name + Institution”.

请将摘要和个人简介一同发送至以下邮件。发送时将邮件主题设定为“2021 CCEF abstract + Name + Institution”

The submitted abstracts will be reviewed anonymously by our academic team under the criteria based on academic standards, originality and relevance to the forum’s theme.


If your abstract is admitted by the committee, your contribution to the forum will be a 15-minute presentation.


15-minute presentation should be delivered in English, with the aid of the PowerPoint Slides.


Speech transcript and PowerPoint slides should be prepared and submitted.



Key Dates 重要日期

Key dates

Submission deadline

10th April 2021 (BST)

Notification of   acceptance

30th April 2021   (BST)

Registration open

May 2021


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• 通知入围时间:英国时间2021430日(周五)

Conference Venue 会议场地

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference will be online.



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Twitter: @ForumCambridge

Facebook: Cambridge China Education Forum