常见问题 Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the forum? 谁可以参加论坛?

The forum is open to all interested in education; in the past two years, CCEF has attracted audience covering the academia, teachers, school leaders, policy makers, students and beyond. We welcome participants from different backgrounds across the globe.


What will be available to me as a registered participant? 注册参会者可以获取哪些资源?

During the two-day forum, all registered participants will have full access to keynote speeches, panel talks, Q&A opportunities, and topical workshops.


Is there a registration fee? 参与论坛是否需要缴纳注册费?

No registration fee is required. The 2021 Forum will be held online due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and concerns for the safety of our audience, speakers, and staff. With knowledge sharing and public interest as key principles of our forum, 2021 CCEF doesn't charge registered participants any fees.


How can I sign up and register for the forum? 我应该如何报名参加论坛?

If you would like to be an audience of the forum, a mandatory online registration will open in May. You can get further details about the registration through our social media (Wechat: CCEForum ). If you would like to submit an abstract, please refer to the section “Call for Abstracts.”


What is the working language of the forum? 论坛的工作语言是什么?

The forum is conducted mainly in English and there is no guarantee that simultaneous interpretation will be provided.


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