常见问题 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the registration fee include? 注册费包括什么?

The registration fee will cover the materials for the two-day forum, coffee and tea during breaks, cold food lunch, and drinks in networking events.


2. Can I only attend one day of the forum and pay half of the fee? 我可以只参加一天的论坛并支付一半的费用吗?

The registration fee is for the two-day forum. Even you only attend one day, the fee is the same. 注册费包含了为期两天的论坛,即使您只能参加一天,费用是一样的。

3. I need to apply for a UK visa in order to attend the forum, what should I do? 我需要申请英国签证才能参加论坛,该如何操作?

We will provide you an invitation letter once your registration is completed. For UK visa application in China, you can refer to this website:

If you need a visa letter for your visa application, please send a scan of your passport biometric data page to



4. What is the payment method for registration? 注册的付款方式是什么?

We accept online payment. If you would prefer other payment methods, please contact us at


5. What is the working language of the forum? 论坛的工作语言是什么?

The forum is conducted in English and no translation will be provided. 论坛将以英语进行,不提供翻译服务。

6. Where can I find information about transportation and accommodation? 我在哪里可以找到有关交通和住宿的信息?

Applicants are responsible for their own accommodation and transportation arrangements. You can find more information here

Location of the venue:  


7. I have registered but cannot go to the forum anymore, can I transfer my place to someone else? 我不能参加论坛了,可以将我的票转给别人吗?

Yes, please let us know if that happens. We will transfer your registration to another potential participant, but we cannot re-issue a new receipt of payment.


8. Can I refund my registration if I can’t come to the forum anymore? 如果我不能再来论坛,我可以退还我的注册费吗?

According to the University’s standard terms and conditions,you have the right to cancel your booking and receive a full refund within 14 days of booking.  根据剑桥大学相关规定,参会者可在注册后14天之内进行退票退款。

9. I am not affiliated with any education institution, can I still register? 我不隶属于任何教育机构,还可以注册参加吗?

Yes, we welcome applicants from different backgrounds with an interest in education to register. 我们欢迎来自不同背景但对教育感兴趣的申请人注册参会。

10. Can I request special diet for lunch? 午餐可以要求特殊饮食吗?

Yes, you can request special diet when filling in the registration form. 可以,在填写注册信息时您可以备注要求特殊饮食。

If you have further questions, please contact us at





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