Cambridge China Education Forum

2021 Post-pandemic:
Change Education for the Better

July 2021
Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF) was founded in 2018 by graduate students from the University of Cambridge, with the support of leading scholars in the Faculty of Education. We aim to facilitate cross-border dialogues on China's education and its worldwide implications among stakeholders in the UK, China and beyond. To this end, we host an annual forum and a series of workshops to bridge the gap between scholars and practitioners, and promote communication across education sectors, including academia, policy-making, industry, and other social organisations.

2021 Forum Preview

2021 Cambridge China Education Forum (CCEF) will focus on and discuss topics related to ‘Post-pandemic: Change Education for the Better’.

The forum aims at providing a platform for researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and industry to engage in meaningful dialogues on challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

The forum will be held online on the 24th (Saturday) and the 25th (Sunday) of July 2021 (UTC). The two-day forum will host four panels:

Education and Equality (10:10-12:00, July 24)

Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum (14:00-16:00, July 24)

Technology in Education (10:00-12:00, July 25)

Education and Wellbeing (12:30-14:00, July 25)

The forum anticipates 50 guest speakers, and 2,000 registered participants including scholars, young researchers, school leaders, and other education practitioners from China, the UK, and beyond. We hope to explore two key issues from an interdisciplinary perspective:

•      How has the pandemic impacted education, in practice, theory and policy?

•      How can we move education ahead after the crisis of the pandemic?



•      疫情在理论、政策及实践层面对教育有什么影响

•      在疫情危机过后,我们该如何推动教育向前更好发展